797 Performance does not have a live inventory system.

ETA means ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL. This is a vendor estimate on when we should receive an item. It is not a guaranteed date, and is subject to change and often can. ETA to us does not include checking items into stock, handling time and shipping time to you.

 Google and Facebook shopping will estimate shipping times and do not have access to our inventory. They post this as a disclaimer on their sites, but it is hard to find and often missed. This will present to a customer so that we may have it available in stock and ready to ship when we don't. We always ask that you use the live chat or email to check with us to verify an item is in stock before you check out. We are not responsible for the incorrect information of advertising partners as they do have disclaimers posted. If you were led to believe an item was in stock and wish to cancel, it will be subject to the cancellation policy.