IF you have issues with Snap Finance it may require a manual order if they did not provide you with a digital card. Please email us and we will work with you to process that.

We often get requests, do we accept financing.. How do I pay if so? All I see are 3 choices. Well this is actually slightly incorrect, these three choices are generalized on however you pay online at most stores to make it easy for you. You do not need to click any of these.(Picture 1)



You are going to want to fill out all of your information and then click the next button at the bottom right hand corner which will bring you to the screen below to select the shipping method(we put down a general time, but here at 797 We will always work as FAST as possible:

Step 2

Click continue to payment, this hasn't authorized a thing yet so don't worry. If you are still reading, we've made it this far and you can now select your choice of financing to pay as well as use any card or paypal method of payment you'd like!



We at 797 Performance are not the decision makers on if you get approved for financing, we only offer the services as a connivence to you, the customer. 


Thank you and if you have any questions regarding any of the financing companies, feel free to email us @ Sales@797Performance.com