Forgestar F14 BESPOKE Program

Sale price$690.00 USD


F14 Custom Wheels

Forge Star F14 Is available in custom finishes & sizing. We can offer widebody fitment as well and as mild or as wild as you want to go on the fitment & width.

If you already have your specs figured out, please let us know. If not we can figure that out for you.

Wheels start @ $690 Per wheel for a standard color(Grey, Black, Silver, Gold), For a custom color shown they are $745 Per Wheel.

Please Contact us for ordering.

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  • Custom bolt patterns
  • Rotary formed flow formed barrel
  • Big brake kit clearance
  • Wide range of wheel widths
  • Superior offset range
  • Drilled to cone seat specs
    *Conical/tapered lug nuts will be required.

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