AlphaRex 15-23 Dodge Charger NOVA-Series Prismatic LED Tail Lights Chrome

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These 7th gen Dodge Charger NOVA-Series Prismatic LED tail lights will fit the following models:

  • 15-23 Dodge Charger


Introducing our NOVA-Series LED tail lights designed for the 7th gen Dodge Charger after the facelift. These tail lights represent a harmonious fusion of original design, advanced features, and a touch of racing-inspired style.  Our NOVA-Series tail lights pay homage to the Dodge Charger’s racetrack LED feature but elevate it with our NOVA Prismatic light tube, resulting in a modern and captivating 3D appearance. This NOVA Prismatic light tube not only serves as a parking light, mimicking the racetrack feature but also includes our activation light feature—a dynamic startup sequence that activates when you turn on your parking light.  The outer segments of these tail lights incorporate LED sections that function as red blinking turn signals, transitioning to high-intensity red illumination when you apply the brakes. In contrast, the two central LED sections serve as white reverse lights. To further enhance your Dodge Charger’s aesthetic, our NOVA-Series tail lights are available in multiple color options, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your vehicle’s color and adds a sporty touch. Upgrade your Charger with our NOVA-Series LED tail lights, a perfect combination of style, innovation, and performance that will set your vehicle apart on the road.



Experience the sophistication of these 7th gen Charger NOVA-Series LED tail lights, featuring cutting-edge functionality:

  • Activation Light Feature: These tail lights are equipped with an activation light feature, creating a captivating startup sequence when you engage the parking lights.
  • 3D Prismatic Tube: The distinctive Prismatic light tube not only adds a modern 3D touch but also boasts a dual LED racetrack light effect.
  • Outer piece LED section: The outer segment of the tail lights features red LED lights for blinking signal indication, ensuring visibility on the road. When you press the brakes, these lights intensify to a high-intensity red, enhancing safety.
  • Center part LED section: The central LED section serves as a white LED source for reverse light indication, aiding in parking and maneuvering.


Our 7th generation Charger NOVA-Series LED tail lights come in four enticing color options to suit your personal style:

  • Chrome Housing: Featuring an interior adorned with glossy chrome accents and a clear lens, this option adds a touch of luxury and VIP style to your Charger.
  • Smoke Housing: Combining chrome housing with a smoke lens, this choice offers an aggressive and racing-inspired aesthetic, perfect for those seeking a bold look.
  • Black Housing: Utilizing a matte black housing paired with a clear lens, this selection offers a clean and clear appearance, enhancing your Charger’s interior design.
  • Alpha-Black Housing: With a glossy black interior and smoke lens, the alpha-black housing delivers a blackout, sporty appearance that’s sure to turn heads.

Choose the color option that best complements your Charger’s personality and make a statement on the road.


Our 7th gen Charger NOVA-Series Prismatic LED tail lights are constructed with a durable polycarbonate plastic lens. This material provides excellent strength and resistance to impacts, ensuring long-lasting performance. To further enhance the longevity of the tail lights, we apply a specialized coating to the lens. This protective layer serves to guard against yellowing and oxidation caused by exposure to sunlight and other environmental elements. By incorporating this coating, we ensure that the lens maintains its clarity and appearance over time, keeping your Dodge Charger looking sleek and stylish.

SAE/DOT Compliance

Our 7th gen Charger NOVA-Series Prismatic LED tail lights are manufactured to meet OE (Original Equipment) quality standards, ensuring they meet the same level of performance and reliability as the factory-installed lights. Additionally, these tail lights are compliant with the rigorous regulations set forth by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and DOT (Department of Transportation). This compliance ensures that the lights adhere to strict safety and quality guidelines, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring they are legal for road use.

To maintain our commitment to excellence, we conduct thorough inspections of every detail of the tail lights during the manufacturing process. This rigorous quality control ensures that each component meets our high standards of craftsmanship and functionality. By paying meticulous attention to detail, we strive to deliver tail lights that not only meet our satisfaction but also exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

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